God’s Presence, The Best Present

Christmas season… The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. A time of thankfulness, a time of celebration, a time of gathering with those we love, a time of giving and remembering what God has done for us.

It’s ironic how a season centered around a little baby born to a simple teenager on a quiet night in a small town can easily become the busiest and most stressful season of the year.

For me, it can easily become the season I find myself overdoing everything. Instead of “peace on earth good will towards men” I overcommit, overschedule, overextend myself, overeat and overspend.

What I envision for the season – quiet nights at home sitting around the tree drinking hot chocolate with the family easily evolves into…

Stuff, fill, cram, shove, pack, hurry, rush, dash, run, stress, worry and strain to create the perfect Christmas with a beautifully decorated home, neatly wrapped presents and artfully designed cookies. *Sigh*

But running at this pace, I find, leaves me disconnected from the people I love, weary, frazzled and resentful for overstuffing my schedule.

Our hearts long for connection and significance and when we run, work and go non-stop, we can end up feeling drained and unsatisfied. Can anyone relate?

I hate to admit it, but there have been some years when I looked forward to the day after Christmas – the day I felt I finally had permission to rest and stop.

What I am learning (I’m a work in process mind you) is that…

Hurry is the great enemy of my spiritual life

and the health of my soul.

When we hurry, rush, run, cram and do, even the things we love can become burdens and obligations. And when we live a loud, hurried life, the one thing that tends to get squeezed out is the most important thing.

But when we choose to make this most important thing a priority in our life, we thrive. We thrive in our workplace, in our community, in our relationships and in our family. We thrive because it’s how God created us to live.

What God created us for – what our souls really crave – is space. Space to reflect, space to rest, space to connect with God and other people, but the volume and activity level of our life can be so loud and frenetic that it’s impossible to accomplish.

Psalm 131:2 gives us insight into David’s ability, amidst a lot of activity and a busy life, to maintain a quiet and restful soul.


You may think, “David doesn’t understand how busy my life is. Life back then was simpler, easier, quieter. They didn’t have all the social media, expectations, traffic, stress we have today.”

However, David had a lot going on. His life was busy, stressful, fast-paced and loud.

  • He was a warrior and military leader in Israel who had to hide in caves and run for his life to escape  a crazy king for about 15 years.
  • He was king of Israel and undoubtedly the most influential and affluent person around with a role that carried more responsibility than we could imagine.

Not to mention, David also had,

  • A minimum of 19 sons and one daughter
  • At least 8 wives!

Can you even imagine how loud, busy, hectic David’s life was?! Yet somehow, with all of the demands on his time, all of the people needing his attention, all of the people demanding decisions, all of the children needing affection, David made the time to calm and quiet his soul.

He was intentional about it.

David likens the state of his soul to that of a weaned child. Those of you nursing mamas know that to a nursing child, mama means “food”. Babies will fight, sometimes even claw, for their right to eat and if they’re denied they’ll squirm, fuss and cry.

But a child who has been weaned is content to just be with his mommy, enjoying her presence and love without needing anything. David had discovered the value of quieting his soul and quietly coming into God’s presence. He didn’t see it as a duty or requirement. He didn’t demand anything from God. He learned the value and necessity of intentionally caring for his soul by creating space for the presence of God in his life.

This is so important for us to get right.

David knew the importance of having a healthy soul. He knew that…

the outflow of his life came from the inner state of his soul.

If your soul is frazzled and stressed and chaotic, it will bleed into your relationships and all of the areas of your life. Instead of imparting peace, you’ll impart anxiety. Instead of imparting a calm presence, you’ll impart chaos. Instead of connecting with others, your relationships will be shallow and disconnected.

If David was able to create a calm and quiet soul in the middle of the demands, responsibilities and chaos of his life, I believe there’s hope for you and me.

But how? David doesn’t give us “three easy steps to having a quiet soul”. He doesn’t teach on “five keys to creating a calm heart”.

When we’re stretched and stuffed and over-scheduled, we only see the “to-do” list. We can’t see anything beyond the chaos of our life.

Throughout Scripture, throughout Jesus’ ministry, He gives us an invitation. It’s an invitation to declutter our souls and come to Him.

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”     Mark 6:31

Jesus intentionally creates space for His disciples to pull away and be present with Him. The crowds are pressing in on us and we’re weary. Our schedules are stuffed and our souls are drained.

We need space. We need space to be in His presence. We need space to create rest for our souls.

To receive God’s strength and feel his presence

you have to come close.

God invites us to come to Him and in His presence He calms and quiets our soul. And when we do, He fills our heart with His peace and presence.

This Christmas, receive God’s greatest present to us – an invitation to be present with Him. Give yourself permission to pause long enough to calm and quiet your soul and experience the refreshing that only comes through time in His presence.



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