Created to Shine

When a massive power outage struck the Los Angeles area in 1990’s, several southern California residents called 911 to report their alarm concerning strange clouds hovering overhead.

No, it wasn’t an alien invasion. It wasn’t the end of the world.

They were seeing the Milky Way for the first time.

Every night the Milky Way is in the sky, but they hadn’t been able to see it because of all the distractions cluttering and diluting the busy Los Angeles sky.

Funny how when all of the distractions around us are taken away we can see things we’ve never seen before. With newfound clarity, we appreciate the brightness of things around us. We see them in their purest, unstained state – the full beauty of how God created them.

When we visit my in-laws in Tahoe, the constellations burst with brilliance. We’re far enough away from everything that bustles and diverts that we’re captivated, amazed that we don’t wonder at their magnificence every night.


Sometimes it’s imperative for us to pull away, break out of our routine, or visit a new place to recapture afresh the fullness of life. To gasp at the brilliance of the night sky, to stand in awe of the powerful ocean waves so we can once again appreciate the beauty of a life created by God and brimming with purpose and potential.

2 thoughts on “Created to Shine

  1. I love this truth. I am, too, have been breaking away from certain obligations in order to find rest and be more fruitful in a few things rather than overdoing and not giving my all. Thanks for this reminder today, friend. Visiting from #GraceAndTruth

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