Starting with Selah

 I love those rare mornings when I get to sleep in. What a thrill to be able to turn off my alarm the night before. It’s the best.

However, most of my mornings are not like that. In fact, my mornings are probably a lot like yours. I’m thrust into this fast-paced world the second my feet hit the floor.

Before the coffee is finished brewing, there’s a crisis (how dare that happen!) and I find myself dragging kids out of bed, signing papers, searching for socks, packing lunches and rushing out the door, only to repeat again the next day and the next day and the next day…

If I’m not proactive, the demands of the day will slowly, steadily suck the SELAH out of my life.

I’ll become cranky, irritable and impatient. I’ll snap at my kids, sigh, stomp around the house and get frustrated that no one notices how HARD I’m working and how BURDENED I am.

What a joy to be around.

When I fail to intentionally carve out quiet time with God at the beginning of my day, my good intentions aren’t good for much and my flesh feeds on every little opportunity of weakness that awaits.

Hiding Place

The Hebrew word, Selah, appears over 70 times in the books of Psalms and Habbakuk. And while it’s not clear what this word exactly means, Strong’s concordance defines it as, “to lift up, exalt”. Some commentators suggest that it’s a word providing musical instruction, communicating to the musicians that this is their time to pause and take a breath.

The Amplified Bible encourages to “pause and calmly think about” each verse preceding “selah”. Sounds like a helpful life instruction, too.

When I edge the SELAH – the pausing, reflecting and praising – out of my life, I find myself becoming less of the mom, wife and Christ follower that God created me to be.

In Psalm 32, King David encourages that in the chaos, in the crisis, God calls us into real friendship with Him. David admonishes us to remember the joy of being forgiven (verse 1), the honor of living in complete holiness and honesty before God (verse 2) and the heavy burden of sin that has been removed from our life and forgiven (verses 3-5).

He urges God’s people to pray and seek after Him (verse 6) – to keep their eyes fixed on God and not be led astray by the circumstances surrounding them. And in verse 7, David declares that God is his hiding place and his only secure place of protection and safety.

In fact when reading this Psalm, you get the sense from David that what God had done for him was still fresh, and he was using the tenderness of his experience to remind us to keep that same freshness kindled in our hearts as well.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if we incorporated more SELAH into our day?

What would YOUR DAY look like if you started every day with SELAH?

What would happen if you started every day pausing, praising and reflecting about God and His incredible love extended to you through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus?

God’s Word will woo us, but He allows our will to choose to respond. God delights to be with us, but He doesn’t demand a relationship with us. Jesus calls us, but He doesn’t condemn us when we fail to respond.

As a follower of Christ, I’m convinced there are two things that I need every day, every morning for me to live a life that honors God and for me to become the woman He created me to be – large quantities of coffee (kidding, kinda) and daily time with Jesus.

This has been my go-to move for over 25 years and it hasn’t failed me yet.

If you don’t already, let me encourage you to set aside time every day to be with Jesus. Allow Him calibrate your heart and set the tone for your day. Take time to thank Him for all He’s done, reflect on His goodness, fix your heart on Him and listen to His voice.





4 thoughts on “Starting with Selah

  1. Beautiful read. Setting aside time as a priority is a must. Thank you for reminding me to take a pause, a breather if you will before turning my entire self to the demands of life. Keep writing. I am always inspired. Love to the fam.

  2. Ok so don’t you just love it when God talks to you through his word and then confirms it through someone else the next day . I was doing my devotions last night and ended up studying the first 23 chapters in psalms and was drawn to Selah . i just read your article!! Not even 24hrs later LOL. God is good 🙌🏼 thanks for sharing Kris 🙂

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