Drop Da Mic

One Sunday after church, Gregg and I did our customary debrief of the morning services – how the day went, what we did well, what we needed to work on.

Gregg shared with me his frustration regarding the message he had just preached. It was a really powerful message on faith; however, he felt that he received his desired clarity regarding his main point towards the end of the last service.

Don’t you hate it when you think of the perfect thing to say after you have the conversation? When you think of the perfect idea after you have the project? When you find the perfect design idea after you’ve remodeled and decorated the room?

When it’s too late to go back, undo what’s been done and redo it?

Anyway, I reassured him that despite the fact that the services are over, it was still a great message that had impacted a lot of people.

Our 12-year-old son, Jordan, just happened to be in the living room with us while we talked. He was minding his own business playing games on his itouch when suddenly he lit up with excitement.

“Dad, Dad…Dad! I know what you could’ve done to end your message. It would have been perfect!”

Jordan was now visibly engaged and eager to add his ideas to the conversation.

“What do you think I should’ve done, Jo?” Gregg queried.

Super animated that he was invited to contribute to the adult dialogue, “Dad,” Jo began, “you should’ve said what you just suggested (because that was really good), and then… you should’ve DROPPED THE MIC, and just walked off stage and not said ANYTHING else after that. THAT would’ve been AWESOME!”

Kinda like this…

After Gregg and I picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing hysterically, we responded with something along the lines of…

“Jordan, that would be a great idea… if your dad was a RAPPER; however, your dad is a PASTOR. Therefore, a more subtle approach is required. We’ll keep it in mind for next time though.”




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